Homemade Braces

by Secret Tombs

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Audio is from the LP version

Secret Tombs No.2


released August 1, 2011

Horns By Hollywood Jim and Kool Ben



all rights reserved


Secret Tombs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Spooky stories set to guitar music

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Track Name: I-"Homemade Braces"
Homemade braces
Flesh sags weakened about the restraint
Homemade braces
To his visage forever affixed
Taken from the dead
And faced opposing in mechanical jaws
Animal teeth. Severed, fitted, sharpened by stone
Well suited to the peculiar mastication of an obligate carnivore
From his vantage atop the widest of the obelisks
Scanning deep in the maw for prey
Then, slithering in and out of shadows
A glimmer in the moonlight

In the place between where the mountains end and the desert begins
Jutting out of the ground, bleached hard by the sun and cut down by the wind
A cathedral of spires, like fangs of the Earth, form a dizzying maze
Where a trail of dry bones leads back to the place where the false-tooth’d minotaur lays
And woe betide those who dare brave this path when the sunlight subsides
For he preys in the bitter cold dead of the night under tanned and stretched hides
There aint much to recall of the venturous fellows drawn foolishly in for a glimpse
They fell under the spell of the metal-faced prize and nobody’s heard from them since

And if of them outsiders seek to inquire they’ll be met with a stony reply
For there’s nary a word to be spoke of the beast who’s existence their taught to deny
But they cannot conceal their solicitous sighs when there’s talk of a party that’s traveling through
And they neither meet eyes with the bold and unwise nor come out to bid them adieu
Solemn the pillars are beckoning, stirring the unproven egos
“More shall be away to their doom”
Track Name: II-"Stolen From His Room"
Would you believe he’d been born human?
He was not so very old when a pale neighbor stole him from his room
To a shallow cave almost at the timberline
There he awoke to leathery fingers spreading his lips and placing within
A crude sort of wooden fruit rind, fitting roughly across his gumline
The pale man trembled, dripping sweat, as he raised the makeshift hammer

Revived by a startling copper tang
The child drifted in and out of consciousness
In those brief entreats to lucidity he heard the pale man explain, “What you know as the civilized world presents the most potent font of wickedness. Your virginal state befits you for the selection of divine deliverance.”
and with that he bestowed unto the child, to equip him for a life in nature
a fearsome set of man-made jaws
Track Name: III-"Divine Amateur Investigation"
From then on the urchin creature was abandoned
and he moved down the mountainside ever less a man than beast
within the valley of the spires he made his lair
where the glow of the city would affect his hunting the least

his photograph was long since down from the wall
when a special report went out over the Broadcaster
a boy’d been found up on Municipal Road 89
with a vile set of wings grafted onto his arms

divine amateur investigation

in the report the boy said he’d been dragged from his bed by a fat man with a face like a full moon
to a cave in the mountains littered with little clothing and poorly made surgical tools
his thin lips had implored the boy to rejoice in his respite from humanity’s curse
and to travel down in to the valley of spires to understand how he wasn’t the first
Track Name: IV-"The Bitter Cold Dead Of Night"
People want to see the man with the animal mouth
the national Broadcast trucks are rolling into town
another slick [REDACTED] every time you turn around
and so I tell them, “In the bitter cold dead of the night, that’s where you’ll find him. Hunting.”

People want to see his disfigured face in lights
Deviant collectors salivating after his device
There’s no price too high when people are desperate for information
The sheriff’s on the Broadcast, with some newsman, trying to make nice
But once they go down that dead end road, they’re going to find him, hunting.
In the bitter cold dead of the night, that’s where they’ll find him.
Track Name: V-"Animal & Human"
Searchlights spill down upon the spires dispersed in the gaseous haze
An indistinct cloud of untraceable shapes dominate the heat-seeking displays
And out of the fray on the other side of town, down Municipal Road 89, a pale man’s gathered the things from his shack and he’s heading for the borderline

He’s waging war on evolution
Rejoining animal and human

Descending like a nightmare, upon the villages and towns.
And every so often on some lonely stretch of highway his handiwork can be found.

Over time the pale man’s agenda seeped into some crude and susceptible brains
Declaring themselves minions of the divine they rendered their vicious campaign
And there really ain’t no way to tell whether one of them is coming tonight
So don’t fall asleep with your door unbolted or your children out of sight