True Story Of​.​.​.​Secret Tombs

by Secret Tombs

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Secret Tombs No. 1

featuring Kool Ben on bass


released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Secret Tombs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Spooky stories set to guitar music

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Track Name: I-"Secret Tombs"
Secret Tombs

out in the forest

Secret Tombs

no one knows where they are

sealed beneath water unflowing

the silent key lies within a machine

Secret tombs

containing an evil

a rot of the brain

that goes in through the eyes

if you search, you may hear it beckon

to an oval in the woods where the trees close the sky

bind your mouth and clothes your eyes, youre standing at a portal to hell

when you return your brain will burn with tales your tongue will be too dumb to tell

stew bum stumbling through the trees happened upon the ancient gates

and the way that he was talking now it wont be long before the whole town's laid to waste
Track Name: II-"An Isolated Life And An Unmarked Grave"
listen in close, I'll tell you what I've seen

in the dark of the woods a most magnificent machine

behind a viscous pond, in a rotten little shack

you know the moment you set foot in there, there'll be no turning back

and a mystery it stands to remain

and the unfathomable secret it contains

has condemned many a man to an isolated life and an unmarked grave

sick with mold, it seemed to draw me in

and as I approached I could feel it pulse beneath my skin

my limbs went limp, fog went in my eyes

I awoke in the rain, and fled through the trees in a terror blind

everybody's going down to see the machine
Track Name: III-"Hands Shake, Cold Sweat"
Did you hear young Christopher telling everyone the things that his father saw?

Oh yeah, oh yeah, you know we're heading out there tonite

stolen packs of cigarettes heading out for a magical evening that we would never forget

in the dark, all alone, dont let it get the best of you

everybody's running for their hats and coats, drumming up some old story to tell their folks

following the shimmer of the flashlight glow, deep into the place we're told never to go

in the dark, all alone, dont let it get the best of you
Track Name: IV-"What They Don't Understand"
well I haven't heard no talk of tombs for a terrible length of time

and I fear the boys are so enthused, I can't get them to change their minds

they'll be meeting up by those forlorn fields, with ingenuous adventure in their eyes

they're gonna strike out soon by an electric glow for the place that the secret lies

this place they seek is far beyond where good men dare to stray

where the tree limbs all are intertwined, to cut out the light of day

its down there in the catacombs, behind a cruel facade

its way out there in those dark old woods

beyond the reach of god

what they dont understand is what lies down there can kill you

and when they find that old machine they'll feel it from within

a suffocating cloud of black

that soaks right through the skin

itll ooze out in every fever sweat

in every medicine they can't keep down

its casting shadows across the steeple and over every part of town

what they dont understand is what lies down there can kill you
Track Name: V-"Into The Mouth Of The Monster"
gathered at the mouth, feign to be so brave

intrusion upon an unholy place

theyve pushed the lever, drained the pond

opened the gates to the great beyond

there's hell waiting down below

so grab the cords and down we go

into the mouth of the monster

severed dark air pure and plain fills lungs

silence, human etchings, scar the passages removed from sun

the power of the ancient signs infecting adolescent minds

the torture it seduces so, so damn the instincts, down we go!

into the mouth of the monster

flying through the bushes

hurry home

somethings wrong

shining in the shadows

waiting doors, wont be long

in all of us since the descent a voice has echoed sweet and low

our swift return is its request so damn the instincts, down we go!

Into the mouth of the monster
Track Name: VI-"Goodbye, Brain"
found out the hard way

that curses are real

and I cant seem to articulate my thoughts, or something to that effect

I am so removed from all that is around me

and throughout my body my veins tighten like a noose around my neck

goodbye brain, now I'll split in two

I can feel it struggling out, a big black centipede

and try as I might to hold it down I think I'm gonna be sick

I wandered in the woods last night, beyond my own control

like children caught in the hideous claws of a long forgotten witches trick
Track Name: VII-"Nothing Left For You To Do (But Run Away)"
touch your face

you feel confused

because its possessor

is no longer you

you cry for help

ah, but the words aren't yours to say

nothing left for you to do now but run away

golden harvest

of the starvation star

dance macabre, baby

of which you're now a part

if only you could see

ah, how your soul is in flames

nothing left for you to do now but run away